Hobs Moat

. . . but looking well thereabouts, and making diligent enquiry of the inhabitants, I found a large Moat,. . . . . . . .  . . whereon they say a Castle long since was situate .

Some of the neighbourhood do call this Hoggs moat . . .

                                    - Sir William Dugdale, 1656   

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Day-to-Day . . .

The project was a social enterprise. It sat between the world of archaeology and that of local and central government. It was a refuge for unemployed people in a time of mass unemployment.

A primary purpose was to keep long-term unemployed persons close to the world of work.

The project generated paper, too, like any business. Here’s some of it.

Daily routine

Reaching out

Administration and Funding

What came next

Some of the record-keeping was by the employees themselves.