Hobs Moat

. . . but looking well thereabouts, and making diligent enquiry of the inhabitants, I found a large Moat,. . . . . . . .  . . whereon they say a Castle long since was situate .

Some of the neighbourhood do call this Hoggs moat . . .

                                    - Sir William Dugdale, 1656   

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Hobs Moat lies at the junction of Castle Lane with Lode Lane, Solihull, and the Hobs Moat Road - map. It is situated on a hill close to the LandRover factory and the Ice Rink, and is surrounded by houses. The contour map, produced by the community project, shows that the earthwork has several interesting features - the rectangular platform, the large ‘ramparts’  (unusually, both internal and external), the lane or track to the north of the site, the lesser scale of the southern and south-western part of the earthwork.

Links below show, also, the results of the further geophysical survey of the moat platform by the project. The moat from the air (1200 ft.) was photographed in 2016.

Hobs Moat in photos

and video:

Photo 1980s

Photo 2016

Video 1980s


Informal rectangles show excavations inside scheduled area.


Videos show the condition of the site in 1986/1987, when the restoration work had begun.

Aerial view of site (click)

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